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Why use metric tube and fittings?


Why use metric tube and fittings?


…Low Weight

Long Life

Trouble Free!

Quite simply, because stainless steel outperforms carbon steel in almost any category you choose to compare it to.

Its low weight, long life and competitive initial costs offer exceptional benefits to many industries, while the strength and long life expectancy of the material itself, and the relatively low pressure of the environment it is applied in, provide an unbeatable all-round choice.

As a result, significant cost savings can be made at both the initial specification and installation, as well as with subsequent maintenance compared to heavier carbon steel pipes.

So it's no surprise to find stainless steel tubes and fittings being used to replace existing systems in many quality-critical applications in a wide range of industries.

SMS now exclusively stock the low carbon variants of 304L and 316L in all products.


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