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Paper & Pulp IndustryPaper & Pulp Industry

For over 25 years, SMS has provided an unmatchable standard of service to the paper and pulp industry. Our stock choice and completely comprehensive range match the need in every situation, from major installation projects to urgent maintenance and emergency replacement parts. And our guaranteed delivery standards, which help to provide crucial parts exactly when they're needed most, means that the industry can rely utterly on SMS to deliver on every occasion. It all adds up to a range and quality and standard of service that more than meets the paper industry's exceptionally demanding criteria, and which have made us far and away the leading supplier.

Water & Waste TreatmentWater & Waste Treatment

Our reputation in the paper industry alone is unmatchable. Now, we are building an equally solid base of completely satisfied customers in the water and waste treatment industry. Having assessed the requirements of the water industry SMS now exclusivly stock the low carbon variants of AISI 304L and 316L in all products. It is a policy which ensures that no matter what your needs are, we will deliver - from BSP's to large diameter pipework systems and from overnight emergencies to major project partnership agreements.

Building Services

We are building an excellent reputation in the building services industry and our stock is growing alongside our reputation. We have increased the range of products in stock to ensure we can tailor packages, from emergency parts, right the way through to major projects.

All in all, you can be certain that whatever you require in stainless steel metric piping and fittings, you only need to call the UK's leading stainless steel pipework distribution company.We are now actively introducing our products into many other major industries , refrigeration , bio gas , ducting , street bollards and paint shops.


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