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For over 25 years, SMS stainless steel products have been leading the UK's metric tube distribution market. We carry the largest stock of metric stainless steel tubular products in the UK - not just in tonnage, but including the many ancillary and complimentary fittings rarely available elsewhere.

SMS have the full support of  major European stainless steel mills and in most cases the exclusive distribution agreements for the UK. To match the ever-changing requirements of the industry all our major suppliers invest substantially in research and development each year. Yet even though SMS is large enough to be certain that we can deliver precisely what it is that you want, we're still small enough to treat you as though you were our biggest customer.

Working as closely with you as with all our other customers, you will find that we can provide you with a service that is, quite simply, second to none.

Our on-site transport fleet guarantees that deliveries will  take place when promised, providing an unmatchable service from initial deliveries for a complete pipework system to urgent maintenance parts.

So however uncompromising your standards and deadlines, you get exactly what you want when you want it.

The UK's Leading Distributor of Stainless Steel Metric Tube and Fittings.


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